Nexon Will Publish Robert Bowling’s Human Element

Publisher Nexon has signed a deal with developer Robotoki to publish Human Element worldwide. You should remember Human Element as the project that Robert Bowling is working on now.

We’d say “new” project, but this one has been in development for a while now. Yet, the game is still shrouded in a lot of secrecy. It even, at some point, had an Ouya version in the works, but that well seems to have dried up.

What’s known form Human Element so far is that it’s headed to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in late 2015. You play a wanderer of a zombie apocalypse, which comes in a first-person shooter survival hybrid.

There are three distinct characteristics. You can choose from class, identity, and persona.

Classes further break down into action, intelligence, and stealth, which determines how head-on your approach in the game is.

Identity is a little more complex. There, you’ll have a choice of solo adult, partnered adult, or adult with child, which is said to work similar to difficulty settings.

Your persona is determined by your chosen sex and race. This may lead to unique challenges as well.

Robert Bowling is, of course, the fabled poster-child of the Call of Duty franchise, who eventually left to pursue personal endeavors. That experience probably helps to make a first-person shooter.

As an anecdote: Early this year, Bowling was able to thwart an attempted robbery on developer Robotoki’s studio, when someone tried to smash through the office’s glass. Bowling ran towards the threat. That man is prepared for the apocalypse.

Robert Bowling zelda tattoo

We’d expect no less from someone who tattoos an awesome Ocarina of Time piece on their arm. Oh Robert, you’re so dreamy.

Publisher Nexon has extensive experience when it comes to multiplayer games, though they focus mostly on free-to-play titles. It’s unsure if Human Element will be free as well.

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