New Yusuke Hashimoto Game In The Works, With Art By Tatsuya Yoshikawa

Fans of the studio Platinum Games are likely familiar with the name Yusuke Hashimoto, who helped to produce and direct Bayonetta 1 and 2, respectively. Now, however, a new Yusuke Yashimoto game is apparently in the works, with art by Tatsuya Yoshikawa of Breath of Fire fame according to a tweet by Hashimoto.

The tweet doesn’t show off anything notable, mainly just a piece of concept art of a woman in elaborate armor, along with a silhouette of what appears to be the same woman riding a dragon that’s holding a long spear. We have no idea of what this means, but it looks quite interesting.

Before he began to make this new Yusuke Hashimoto game, Hashimoto worked for Platinum Games until early 2019 when he left the company to pursue his own interests. Now it seems like that time he spent outside of Platinum is bearing fruit.

Having Tatsuya Yoshikawa doing concept art for the game is also making it look quite appealing, since Yoshikawa has done concept art for the Breath of Fire series, the Devil May Cry series, Mega Man X8, and more.

The art is unfortunately all we have for now, however. We don’t even know what sort of genre the game will be. While Hashimoto could imitate Platinum and make it into a character action game (fairly likely due to his experience with Bayonetta), it could just as easily be a different genre entirely.

Of course, we’ll have to wait for new information about the new Yusuke Hashimoto game before we can actually draw any kind of conclusions. And We have no idea of when this game will be making an appearance at any event, whether it’s The Game Awards in December, or E3 2020, Gamescom, or the Tokyo Game Show.

Either way, you can see the art for the new Yusuke Hashimoto game by following the link above to the tweet itself.