New Xbox Series X UI’s Greater Resolution Won’t Impact Resources

A short time ago, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X UI would be getting a resolution upgrade, increasing its image quality. Some gamers, however, expressed concerns that the higher RAM requirements might lessen resources available for developers. Microsoft executive Jason Ronald said on Twitter that that wouldn’t be happening.

Ronald, the director of project management at Microsoft, said in a series of replies to concerned users that Xbox Series X games will run as normal, so if you were worried about the Xbox Series X running games slower now that more of its RAM was taken up by graphics, don’t be.

Considering the sheer amount of memory available on the Series X for gamers, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference, depending on how big the update is. The update is, however, only for Xbox Insider members so far, so it might be a while before anyone can really see just how much more space the UI takes up.

The Xbox Series X UI update is intended to allow the Home, Guide, and other areas of the Xbox Series X home screen to have increased resolution for better text readability and increased sharpness. It’s a rather minor change, but Xbox is no stranger to tweaking its home screen from time to time.

Since it’s such a minor change overall, with luck the new resolution won’t make the UI take up too much more space than it already does. With the size of games these days, even with the Xbox Series X’s ability to pick and choose what components of a game you want to download, space is at a premium.

Either way, the new Xbox Series X UI will probably be released to other non-Insider Xbox gamers several weeks in the future, so until then all we can do is wait and see its effects.