New Xbox Series S Model Might Be Coming, Says Leaker

A recent leak from a YouTuber that goes by the name of “Moore’s Law Is Dead” has apparently revealed that a new Xbox Series S model is currently in the works from Microsoft. While nothing is confirmed yet, it would mean Microsoft’s budget-friendly next-gen console is getting reworked already.

The Xbox Series S model launched alongside the Xbox Series X model late last year, as a budget-friendly alternative to the more powerful Xbox Series X. It was less powerful, smaller in size, and colored white, as opposed to the X’s black. However, MLID’s leak claims the next version will be a big step up.

While Microsoft is supposedly going to refresh both consoles next year, right now we only know about the S. The Xbox Series S will receive a higher spec AMD Zen APU based on 6nm process technology. The process in question could result in higher manufacturing yields as well, and could result in Microsoft getting 24 Computer Units out of the console’s APU.

The 24 computer units in the new Xbox Series S model is significant because currently the Xbox Series S can only make use of 20 units. The rest are disabled in order to preserve good yields and a continuous supply to the console. Four more units could increase the console’s speed up to 50%.

At the same time, however, a console having better tech in it would unfortunately cost more. According to MLID’s video, the new Xbox Series S model would probably have its cost go up to $350, though to compensate the currently-available model would likely have its price lowered to anywhere from $189 to $249.

Of course, once again, this is all speculation. Microsoft might make an actual announcement about a new Xbox Series S model (alongside a new Series X model) at some point in the future, but until actual confirmation comes out, all we can do is wait.