New Xbox One Update Releases To Insiders, Offers Home Screen Customization

A new Xbox One update has been given out to Xbox Insiders, giving them early access to the newest update to the Xbox One’s home page. The new update will allow players to customize their menu to their own tastes, in response to Xbox gamer feedback over the past few months.

One of the most consistent problems that many gamers have with the Xbox One is its user interface, which many players find confusing, visually unappealing, and slow to navigate. It seems that Microsoft is finally just cutting out the middleman and allowing gamers to customize their home menu to the way that they like.

Though currently the new Xbox One update is only available to members of the Xbox Insiders program, we can expect it to come to the rest of the Xbox One’s playerbase sometime in the next few months. This is only the first of multiple updates, as well. To start out with, updates to the Home tab, the Guide, and the Community categories are happening now, and more will be coming in the Fall.

Hopefully this new update will help to stop the complaints Microsoft has been getting about the Xbox One’s user interface, now that gamers have the ability to freely customize it if they want. According to the gifs in the NeoGAF thread that the update was posted to, players will be able to stick various games installed on their console onto the home screen, much like the Playstation 4.

While it will take a while for this new Xbox One update to get to the gaming populace at large, Xbox Insiders will be able to make use of it now and customize their home screens the way that they want. There’s currently no actual release date for when the update will make it to the rest of the Xbox One crowd.