New Xbox One Update Build Out Now On Xbox Preview

Brad Rossetti, the Global Client Hardware Manager at Microsoft, announced on his Twitter page today that a new Xbox One update build has come out for the Xbox One’s Preview program, allowing members of the program to get new insight into how the new build will look when it comes out.

The new Xbox One update will have a number of new updates that make it easier to find groups on Xbox Live, including Clubs, which are composed of various fan groups of games that make it easier to find like-minded people to play with, and Looking for Group, which allows you to pick and choose groups to play with quickly and easily, rather than having to wait for invitations or online websites.

Both the Clubs and the Looking for Group sections will be included in the new Xbox One update build, and members of the Preview program will be able to try them out before everyone else when the new update comes out to the rest of the Xbox player base.

All of these new things being added to the Xbox One update build will help players of other multiplayer games like Destiny, Call of Duty, The Division, and other shared-world or multiplayer games to make it faster and easier.

There’s no retelling when the actual Xbox Live update will actually be released, however. It could be several months before the new Xbox One build is ready to come out, but that’s the entire reason for the Preview plan: not only do some gamers get to access Microsoft’s newest stuff early, but Microsoft also gets to see how the updates actually run, and make adjustments and changes if they think they’re necessary.

In the meantime, if you’re one of those lucky few who are a part of the Preview plan, log on to Xbox Live and download the update!