New Xbox One Preview Program Update: Movies & TV Purchasing and Renting and Fixes to Avatars, Edge, NowTV

If you are a member, you will already know that there is a new Xbox One Preview Program Update on the table now. Microsoft has launched the new build today i.e. July 2, 2016 and not only does it bring in a number of fixes but also new features.

Let’s look at the singular addition that has been made to the Xbox ONe features. There are a number of fans who would love to know that they will now be able to purchase and rent TV shows and movies in the Xbox Store, and play them with the Movies & TV app.

On to the fixes now, the new Xbox One Preview Program Update has made changes to different areas like the Xbox Avatars, Microsoft Edge, NowTV, the headset and EA Access.

For each one of them, a detailed changelog has been shared which we are publishing here for those who are not preview program members – since they won’t be able to access these details on the preview program forums.

  • Headset Controls: Resolved an issue preventing the headset controls from appearing in the Guide.
  • Xbox Avatars: The Xbox Avatars app should no longer get stuck in the Queue when attempting to download an update. Movies & TV: When launching Movies & TV and attempting to play a video, the menu should no longer obstruct part of the screen.
  • Microsoft Edge: While playing a video, pressing the left thumbstick to enter full screen mode should no longer cause Microsoft Edge to crash.
  • NowTV: The NowTV app no longer fails to launch. OneDrive: OneDrive should no longer fail to launch.Narrator: Narrator should no longer lose focus when navigating the dashboard or Store.
  • EA Access: Games Resolved an issue which prevented certain EA Access games from launching. Xbox Universal Store: The Coming Soon section is now available in the Store.

Preview program members can also look up on the rest of the details on the new Xbox One Preview Program Update here.

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