New Xbox Menu Changes Let You Categorize Game Pass, Download Games Faster

A new Xbox Insiders change to the way that the Xbox console family does downloads may allow players to be able to download games faster. There have also been changes to the Xbox Game Pass Menu for easier categorizing. The new Xbox menu changes were revealed by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie.

However, don’t take the fact that you have to suspend games to mean that it’s the same as quitting out. Marie also said in her tweet that the games will still be able to be quick-resumed, or just regular-resumed if you’re still using an Xbox One.

Alongside the download changes, there are also new changes to the way that Xbox Game Pass works. Players will now be able to look at different parts of Game Pass including games that are leaving soon, or games that have recently been added to the service, making it easier to find certain titles.

The various Xbox menu changes seem mainly aimed at making the entire Xbox gaming experience more streamlined, whether it’s increasing the download speed of a game or wanting to find a game you’ve been wanting to replay in the Game Pass service.

Xbox has already gone through making downloads faster by allowing users to pick and choose what parts of the game they’d like to download, instead of downloading the entire thing at once. For instance, not downloading multiplayer immediately if you want a story experience, or cutting the story if you’re just interested in multiplayer.

As for Game Pass, with as many games as are making their way onto the service over the past several months, Xbox menu changes were likely needed to make it so that players could try and search for some of their particular favorites that may have been recently made playable. Non-Xbox Insiders will likely see the changes sometime soon.