Where To Find Yeast in New World

New World offers a lot more than just combat, there is a lot of use that players can make out of cooking for themselves. An important ingredient in a lot of recipes is yeast. In this guide, we’ll be showing you where to Find Yeast in New World.

Where To Find Yeast in New World

You aren’t always guaranteed to get Yeast out of every crate you open. Each crate has 60 minutes reset timer, so you have to plan your farming trips accordingly. Preferred areas to farm yeast are Shattered Mountain, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Brightwood.

The best way to ensure you get a lot of yeast is to ensure that you visit an area with a lot of provisions in close proximity.

We have marked below the areas which you should visit in Shattered Mountain, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Brightwood, which give you the best chance of having a successful yeast hunt.

Yeast Farming

Doing rotations of just the mentioned three areas should be enough to find the provision crates resetting behind you. You can go ahead and look for provisions in other areas, but it’s better to stick to this rotation.

Shattered Mountain

In this region just stick to the 3 densely populated areas shown below and you’ll have a lot of provisions to loot.

Where To Find Yeast in New World

Monarch’s Bluffs

Depending on where you’re entering the area from, you can start collecting crates from either North or South.

Where To Find Yeast in New World


In Brightwood either you start from up North or down South, you can pretty much carve a path throughout the region in search for provisions, as we have outlined below. Along with yeast, you can also get a lot of salt which is another important ingredient in cooking.

Where To Find Yeast in New World

Trading Post

This is the only way to find yeast yourself in the game. However, you can also try the trading post. If you do find yeast for sale you can buy it from there but this method might be a bit costly.

Once you have the desired amount of yeast, start cooking away! You’ll be able to make items that can help you out in PvE while the process also levels up your cooking!

Recipes that Require Yeast

Once you have yeast, you might be thinking about recipes that require it in New World. Below we have provided some of the recipes that use yeast for crafting along with the other ingredients to make some tasty food!

Baking Stockpile

  • Cooking Recipe x1
  • Sugar x15
  • Egg x15
  • Flour x15
  • Yeast x15


  • Flour x1
  • Yeast x1


  • Milk x2
  • Yeast x1

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