Where to Find Starmetal in New World

Starmetal is a tier four mining resource in New World that is used to craft a wide range of items and gear, as well as to upgrade weapons. In this guide, we will get you up to speed with how you can find Starmetal in New World.

Where to Find Starmetal in New World

To farm Starmetal in New World, you need Mining Level 100. To reach this level, you need to farm other ores like Iron Ore, Gold, Oil, Silver, Saltpeter, and more, as well as upgrade iron and steel pickaxe.

It is also recommended that you upgrade your combat skills before you go on to farm Starmetal, as in most of the locations mentioned below, you’ll come across high-leveled monsters who can be a real nuisance.

Having said that, without further ado, let’s get started with all the locations where you can find this coveted ore!

Brightwood Starmetal Locations

There are three locations in Brightwood, where you can hunt for Starmetal, namely Bronzegrove, Iron Bend, and East of Brightwatch.


This area is located in southeast Brightwood, near the Azoth Tree. There is a cave near the tree, near and inside of which there are five Starmetal deposits.


Iron Bend

This area is the region containing the Fort Alazar outpost. In this area, you’ll find a handful of Starmetal deposits.

Iron Bend

East of Brightwatch

This area represents the mountainous region of Brightwood. In these mountains, you will find plenty of Starmetal nodes.

East of Brightwatch

Morningdale Starmetal Locations

This area is accessible to you once you have reached at least level 45 in the game. It contains over 25 Starmetal deposits. You can refer to the map image below for the exact spots.

Note that you may come across Level 50-55 Ancient mobs while you are at this location.

Great Cleave

This is another one of the areas that unlock mid-game (upon reaching Level 41), so you’ll have to wait for farm Starmetal on it.

Like Morningdale, it is home to dozens of Starmetal deposits that are normally located along the edge of the rocks. However, you’ll have to go through Level 60 Corrupted mobs to farm the desired Starmetal deposits.

Weaver’s Fen Bridge

It is another of the hotspots for Starmetal mining. Here, you’ll find a lot of ancient mobs of Level 30 so go prepared for fighting.

Once you have amassed a decent amount of Starmetal from the above-mentioned locations, you can either sell it at the Trading Post to make some money or use it in your crafting recipes.

Keep in mind that to be able to use Starmetal in recipes, you are going to need quite a high level in those particular skills as well. Smelting is one such recipe and will allow you to convert Starmetal Ore into Starmetal Ingots.