Where to Find Rivercress in New World

In New World, you have a lot of resources and materials to collect. These materials and resources are very useful in brewing mystical consumables and completing collection quests. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the hard-to-find resource Rivercress which is required to complete the “Weakness of the Ego” quest in New World.

Where to Find Rivercress in New World

The Rivercress plant is a light blue luminous stem that spawns near any type of water. These have light blue leaves on top which you will be collecting in the quest.

Harvesting a Rivercress plant will net you Water Motes as well as Rivercress Stem. Both of these ingredients are highly useful for high-tier crafting as well as making potions.

Now let’s talk about in which location you will find Rivercress in New World.

Rivercress Locations


Where to find Rivercress in New World

The location of all the Rivercress stems in the New World can be seen on the map given above. Now we will elaborate on the above locations a little bit so it gets easier for you to locate these stems in the New World.

You will always find them close to the water bodies. These will look like normal plants, but they have a luminous light blue flower on top of them. Always look for them around the lakes and rivers.

The areas where you are going to find most of these Rivercress Stems are given below as well.

  • Riverseat
  • Windsward region
  • Broadfishing spot
  • Millberry Hill’s fishing spot

From the above areas, the most Rivercress can be found in the Windsward and other starting regions. You can see the more detailed spots for Rivercrass nodes on the map below in these starting zones.



When you go to any of the areas given above you can find a lot of the Rivercress stems. Just explore the area and you will find most of them close to each other.

Harvesting Rivercress in New World

Once you find a Rivercress plant, the first thing that you need to do is harvest its stem using the sickle. After harvesting the Rivercress stem you will get the Rivercress Flower, Leaf, and Water Motes as well.

Remember one thing, to harvest these Rivercress stems you need to have a Harvesting skill level of at least 30 in the New World otherwise you cannot harvest the Rivercress stem. This means you cannot even complete the quest before reaching level 30 or higher in the New World.

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