New World’s “Safe To Play,” Says Amazon On Bricked Nvidia RTX Cards

When it comes to player-counts, New World experienced an impressive and stable release. However, troubling reports have surfaced that the massively multiplayer online role-playing game can cause serious overheating issues which in turn can lead to bricked graphics cards.

In a statement released (via PCGamesN) earlier today, publisher Amazon Games confirmed that an investigation has yielded no connection between New World and reported hardware issues. The fault likely lies with the hardware manufacturers and players have been asked to continue playing without any concerns that the game can destroy their graphics cards.

“We have received a small number of reports of players encountering issues with GeForce RTX cards. After a lengthy investigation, we have verified that there is no unusual behavior from New World that causes these issues.

EVGA has previously acknowledged manufacturing issues on some GeForce RTX cards. New World is safe to play, and we encourage players who have encountered a hardware issue to contact the manufacturer.”

New World has so far killed a number of Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. The lineup covers the RTX 3080, RTX 3060, as well as the most expensive RTX 3090 from both EVGA and Gigabyte. Laptops boasting RTX 3000 have also suffered.

However, the overheating issues are reportedly not isolated to just Nvidia. AMD graphics cards have been brick as well while a number of owners are experiencing random crashes during gameplay.

Some players have started limiting their graphics card usage with third-party software like Rivatuner as a workaround solution. That being said though, it still remains to be confirmed as to why New World players are facing hardware issues.

New World was released last week on PC following a couple of delays. The game takes place in the mid-seventeenth century and tasks players to colonize an island modelled after the Americas. You have to only purchase the game once to play. There is no subscription-based model but there are microtransactions for cosmetics.

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