How to Get Motes in New World

There are various kinds of Motes present in New world, and they all have their uses. If you’re searching for a unique weapon that sets you apart from the rest of the players, you’ll probably have to craft it yourself using a Death Mote. In this guide, we’ll be explaining what each Mote in New World does and how to get these Motes.

How to Get Motes in New World

There’re six different kinds of Motes scattered around New World. They’re embedded into magical plants and magical creatures.

Magical plants and creatures yield different Motes depending on where on the map they’re located. But whatever Mote they yield, your harvesting skills need to be at level 30 at least for you to start harvesting Motes.

Once you’re at level 30, magical plants and creatures will start popping up on your compass, making it easier for you to track them and harvest Motes.

Water Motes

Water Motes are one of the most crucial ingredients in Arcana. They’re also used in Armoring, Furnishing, and Stonecutting recipes.

Water Motes are mostly found around waterfalls and regions surrounded by water bodies. They are harvested from Rivercress, Springstone, and Floating Spinefish.

Rivercress is found in Windsward and Everfall. You’ll find Springstone in Monarch’s Bluffs. And lastly, Floating Spinefish is found in water near the coastline.

Recipes that use Water Mote in New World as a resource are the following:

  • Adept Cryomancer’s Gauntlet
  • Cut Flawed Aquamarine
  • Elemental Heart
  • Minor Cooking Crafting Trophy
  • Minor Fishing Gathering Trophy
  • Minor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
  • Weak Oakflesh Balm
  • Water Wisp

Fire Motes

Fire Motes are useful in crafting Arcana. They are also used in Stonecutting and Furnishing. Fire Motes are harvested from the Dragonglory plant, Scorchstone mining node, and Salamander Snail.

Dragonglory can be located in Windward and Salamander Snail in Weaver’s Fen. Lastly, Scorchstone can be found anywhere on the map.

The following recipes in New World require the use of Fire Motes:

  • Captain Quicksilver’s Lamp, Silver Replica
  • Cut Flawed Carnelian
  • Cut Flawed Ruby
  • Elemental Heart
  • Fire Wisp
  • Hardworking Helm Chandelier
  • Minor Armoring Crafting Trophy
  • Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
  • Minor Wildlife Combat Trophy
  • Rusty Iron Candelabra
  • Silver Candelabra
  • Sparklight

Air Motes

Air Motes are used for crafting Arcana. Other than that, they’re used in Engineering, Furnishing, and Stonecutting. Air Motes are harvested from the Shockbulb plant, Shockspire mining node, and Lightning Beetle.

Shockbulb can be found in Monarch’s Bluff and Brightwood. Shockspire is found in First Light, Windsward, and Monarch’s Bluff. Lastly, Lightning Beetle is found in Edengrove.

Recipes that use Air Mote as a resource are the following:

  • Cut Flawed Jasper
  • Cut Flawed Topaz
  • Elemental Heart
  • Weak Proficiency Booster
  • Air Wisp
  • Minor Engineering Crafting Trophy
  • Minor Logging Gathering Trophy
  • Minor Skinning Gathering Trophy

Earth Motes

They are used in crafting Arcana. They’re also used in armoring, Furnishing, and Stonecutting. They’re harvested from the Earthspine plant, Earthcrag mining node, and Earthshell Turtle.

Earthspine is found in Brigand Pass, Monarch’s Bluff, Weaver’s Fen, Windsward, and Everfall.

Moving on to Earthcrag, you’ll find it in First Light, Windward, and Everfall. Earthshell Turtle is found in Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove, and Shattered Mountain.

Recipes that use Earth Mote as a resource are the following:

  • Cut Flawed Amber
  • Cut Flawed Emerald
  • Earth Wisp
  • Elemental Heart
  • Minor Arcana Crafting Trophy
  • Minor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
  • Minor Mining Earth Combat Trophy
  • Stone Cairn
  • Weak Oakflesh Balm

Soul Motes

Soul Motes are used for crafting Arcana. Other than that, they are used in Engineering, Furnishing, and Stonecutting. They’re harvested from the Soulsprout plant, Soulspire mining node, and Soulwyrm.

Soulsprout can be found in Everfall and Windsward. Soulspire is found in Everfall and Monarch’s Bluff. Lastly, Soulwyrm can be located in Windsward and Everfall.

Recipes that use Soul Mote as a resource are the following:

  • Cut Flawed Amethyst
  • Cut Flawed Malachite
  • Cut Flawed Opal
  • Eternal Heart
  • Weak Proficiency Booster
  • Soul Wisp
  • Minor Ancients Combat Trophy

Life Motes

Life Motes are useful for Stonecutting and Arcana recipes. It is also a sought-after resource for some Furnishing recipes. They can be harvested from Lifebloom plants, Life Jewel mining nodes and Life moth insects.

We also suggest checking in Alchemy Stockpiles or Crates but it’s not a reliable source for these motes.

Lifeblooms can be found blooming in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff region. Some can also be found scattered around First Light.

The clusters of Life Jewel nodes spawn within Great Cleave, Mourning Dale and Restless Shore. Although the best area to mine these nodes is around the southern part of the Great Cleave. If you get there quick enough, you may be able to mine a considerable amount of Life Jewels.

As for Lifemoths, these gleaming insects can be found resting on curved wooden branches. Ebonscale Reach, Shattered Mountain and Edengrove are some of the ideal locations where players go when farming for Lifemoths.

Recipes that use Life Mote as a resource are the following:

  • Cut Flawed Diamond
  • Cut Flawed Onyx
  • Eternal Heart
  • Life Wisp
  • Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy
  • Shaman Initiate’s Staff

Death Motes

Death Motes are used for crafting Arcana. They’re also used in Furnishing, Stonecutting, and Weaponsmithing. They can be harvested from Blightroot, Blightcrag, and Blightmoth.

Blightroot is found near Lake Genevieve, Noble Reach, Arcturus, and Weaver’s Fen. Blightcrag can be located in First Light, Windsward, Everfall, and Monarch’s Bluff. Lastly, Blightmoth is located in First Light and Everfall.

The following recipes in New World require Death Motes as a resource

  • Cut Flawed Moonstone
  • Cut Flawed Sapphire
  • Eternal Hearth
  • Weak Honing Stone
  • Death Wisp
  • Minor Lost Combat Trophy

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