Where to Find Lodestone in New World

Lodestone is a very important material that you’ll have to find to upgrade your settlements in New World. If you’re looking to learn more about Lodestone, then we’ve got you covered with this guide, where we’ll be walking you through all the information you need to know about this resource, including where exactly you can find it.

Where to Find Lodestone in New World

Lodestone is a sort of building block for your settlements in New World. It’s quite a high-level material since it requires a Mining level of 105 to be mined and can only be tracked at level 155.

Hence, this material won’t be of much use to you early on in the game; but it’s located all over the map, so you’ll be seeing it quite frequently during your exploration.

Lodestone can be crafted into Lodestone bricks. One single brick will require six pieces of Lodestone, two Stone Bricks, Sandpaper, and a tier four Stonecutter station. You’ll also need to be at a Stonecutting level of 100.

So, you’ll need to find a lot of Lodestone to make significant upgrades to your settlements. You can also use it to craft high-tier items or sell it at the Trading Post for a nice return.

Now that you know what it’s used for let’s talk about where you need to look to find it.

Lodestone surprisingly spawns in almost all regions of Aeternum, but only in specific places within those regions. Below, we’ve listed every single location where you can find Lodestone in large quantities, and we’ll attach a map image with it to make finding the Lodestone even easier for you.


Travel to the north-western side of Brightwood to find Lodestone in this region.

New World Lodestone

Great Cleave

Travel to north of Eastburn, towards the highlands in the Greave Cleave to find Lodestone in this region.

New World Lodestone

Shattered Mountain

Travel towards the mountain near the southern edge of Shattered Mountain to find Lodestone in this area.


Travel towards the eastern edge of Mourningdale to find your first set of Lodestone in this area. Then, travel towards the south-western corner to find your next set of Lodestone.

Restless Shore

Travel to the northern and southern sides of Restless Shore to find Lodestone in this area.

New World Elemental Loadstone Types

While the above-mentioned lodestone formations provide you with the stone type Lodestone, there is also an elemental variety of Lodestone that is used as an Alchemical resource.

Below we have explained the difference between these elemental Lodestones and how you can obtain each one for your Arcana and advanced magic recipes.

Loamy Lodestones

Loamy Lodestones can be obtained from the Earthcrag resource nodes. You can find Earthcrag on mountains and rocky terrain around First Light, Windsward, Everfall, and Monarch’s Bluff.

Crystalline Lodestones

You can obtain the Crystalline Lodestone by mining the Soulspire ore from the meadows near the rocky formations of Monarch’s Bluff and Everfall.

Freezing Lodestones

Freezing Lodestones require the Springstone ore, which can be located near small water bodies in the Windsward region.

Gleaming Lodestones

The Lifejewel ore is required to gather Gleaming Lodestones. You can farm this ore near the grassy areas of Monarch’s Bluff and Windsward.

Molten Lodestones

The Molten Lodestone can be mined from Scorchstone ore that can be located around Monarch’s Bluff and Windsward. This ore is usually located in the grassy areas of said regions.

Putrid Lodestones

You need to farm the Blightcrag ores to obtain the Putrid Lodestones in New World. You can find this ore in the mountains of Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff, and First Light.

Shocking Lodestones

The Shocking Lodestone can be obtained from Shockspire ore. This ore can be farmed from the rocky areas around Windsward, First Light, and Monarch’s Bluff.