How to Get Fish Fillet, Fish Oil and Fish Guts in New World

In an MMORPG such as New World, finding specific materials and resources can get a bit overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll be showing you How to Get Fish Guts in New World.

How to Get Fish Fillet, Fish Oil and Fish Guts in New World

Fish items are some of the most important items to acquire in New World. These materials help you with your crafting quests as well as leveling up your cooking and making beneficial crafting recipes.

In New World, the Fishing Trade Skill is something that you should level up as it is needed for many purposes in the game. No matter what you aim to do, you will need these items at your disposal.

However, you might want to get familiar with the basics of fishing before you delve into collecting any of these resources.

How to Get Fish Oil

The Fish Oil adds a flavor to your recipe and adds an extra element to your product to take it to the next level of cooking.

You can mix it with nuts at the station to make Cooking Oil, which will further open up more cooking recipes for you. Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on the Auction Board for this oil. Therefore, you will need another way to acquire it.

The process of acquiring Fish Oil is very straightforward as all it requires you to do is catch fish in the game and Salvage it.

Acquiring Fish Oil, Fish Fillets, and Fish Guts are all possible with good Fishing Skills.

Where to Fish

In order to collect Fish Oil, you’ll have to look for fish in fresh or saltwater sources. You can use the Woodhouse Bait for fishing as it is one of the best choices for mid-tier fishing.

However, we do not recommend Nightcrawler as bait. Moreover, you will also need a Fishing Rod to catch Fish, and this can be crafted using your Engineering Skill.

The Best Fish for Fish oil

The best Fish to catch for acquiring Fish Oil is Sturgeon and Swordfish. So make sure to look out for these kinds of aquatic creatures while you go on your fishing journey.

How to Fish

All you need to do now is go to a source of water, toss out your line along with a bait and then wait to pull some fish. You will find the Fish you have collected in the inventory.

After you have caught a fish, you can proceed to salvage it for the required items. This can be done by right-clicking on the Fish in your inventory and then clicking the salvage option.

Next, check to see whether you get Fish Oil as an additional resource. This won’t be the case always, but patience is key.

How to Get Fish Guts

Fish Guts are an Uncommon Attribute Item and can be utilized to add some unique attributes to the item crafted.

Adding such rare items can help you increase Dexterity and Intelligence Bonus. You can obtain Fish Guts by salvaging the Rare Fish that you will catch.

How to Get Fish Fillet

You can obtain Fish Fillet in the same way as Fish Oil by salvaging the fish you have caught. These fillets will help you with various recipes in the kitchen.

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