New World Developer Diary Shows New Lore and Factions

Amazon Game Studios recently released a “New World” developer diary. The diary reveals story elements and different groups that reside in the massively multiplayer RPG.

The 3-minute video called ‘Fight the World’ shows the developers talking about New Worlds’ huge map called Aeternum. They wanted to create a map that provided players the possibility to explore and create their own narrative. Players will find themselves washed up on shore with nothing to their name. Then the exploration will begin and you will find other players roaming around the map.

No one can really die in the game as “no soul can leave the body” according to the devs. This immortality is granted via a magical source on the island called Azoth. The developers then introduce three main factions present in the game. The first faction is the Lost. They are the undead ghouls of the island that are half-dead and half-alive. The Lost consists of dead sailors and pirates that died a gruesome death and wander the island as straggling creatures.

The next faction is called the Angry Earth. These are beings of pure nature taking the form of humans and animals. They personify nature and have risen up to battle the forces that are trying to corrupt the island. The final faction is that of the Ancients. The Ancients had taken hold of the power of Azoth and used it to further their technological advancements. They are a hidden civilization that met their downfall due to mysterious reasons.

The New World developer diary also has mentions of the Corrupted. These entities will be the players’ main adversaries. They can block roads or summon a portal to teleport enemies to your location.

Players will be able to take over territories on Aeternum and build them up to their liking. Bear in mind that the more established your territory gets, the more it is likely to come under siege by other players and enemies.

Amazon Game Studios’ New World is shaping up to be quite an immersive sandbox MMO experience. New World is set to release in May 2020 for Microsoft Windows. There is no news on console release for the time being.