New World Damage Type Chart and Effectiveness Explained

In New World combats and expeditions are all about dealing damage to secure victory. In New World, you can experiment with a variety of different damage types. In this guide, we’ll explain all New World Damage Types as well as the benefits they provide so you can make the most of combats and expeditions.

New World Damage Types

In New World, while your stats and attributes along with your overall build do contribute to your performance, that doesn’t always help to stay effective.

There is a proper mechanism in place. Damage is classified by type, with each type dealing more damage to a specific enemy while being immune to the others.

You might have an overly efficient DPS build that does a lot of damage, but if the variables are not modified correctly to match with different opponents you face, you won’t be able to do much.

Largely the damage types are classified into 2 types

  • Physical Damage
  • Elemental Damage

You’ll find three Physical and six Elemental damage types in New World.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage is the amount of damage your weapon deals to the enemy when it hits them. Physical damage is built into all normal (non-magical) weapons’ attacks. You can divide Physical damage into three further sub-types

  • Slash
  • Strike
  • Thrust

All of these are built-in to your weapons attacks so you don’t have to bother placing them. To make things more interesting, these damage types can be modified to increase the amount of damage dealt.

The Slash damage type could be made using Axes, Swords, Hatchets, and Rapiers. Strike is landed using Bows, Spears, Muskets, Rapiers, and Swords. Lastly, Thrust damage is done using Warhammers.

Elemental Damage

By default, Elemental Damage is only found on magical weapons. This does not prevent them from being added to a non-magical weapon.

All you need are gems or perks to add elemental damage to a non-magical weapon. There are several options to do it, all of which are explained here.

The first option is to convert your weapon damage to elemental damage. The second option is to add a small amount of elemental damage along with the weapon damage.

Lastly, you can pull it off if you have an elemental damage chain near to the enemy on the hit.

Elemental damage types include the following six

  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Void
  • Arcane
  • Nature

For Arcane, Lightning, and Void damage type you’ll have to use gears and perks.

New World Damage Type Chart

With the different types of damage explained and out of the way, here’s how to improve your damage type to do even more damage per hit. When you damage a mob, an icon appears next to the damage value. There are now two possibilities.

If there are two small arrows above the icon, it indicates that you are dealing more damage and that the enemy is more vulnerable to that type of damage.

If, however, the arrows appear below the icon, it indicates that the enemy is resistant to that type of damage. As a result, your attacks will deal less damage.

They are color-coded as well. The color white denotes normal damage. Blue indicates reduced damage, while yellow indicates increased damage.

Another way for enhancing the damage types is by using coatings on your weapons. This, however, is only for the damage made through a particular weapon.

Here is a list of all the mobs and the types of damage to which they are most vulnerable and resistant.


  • Best Damage Type – Lightning
  • Worst Damage Type – Fire


  • Best Damage Type – Arcane
  • Worst Damage Type – Ice

Angry Earth

  • Best Damage Type – Fire
  • Worst Damage Type – Lightning

The Lost

  • Best Damage Type – Nature
  • Worst Damage Type – Void


  • Best Damage Type – Thrust
  • Worst Damage Type – It is resistant to none, so it has no worst damage type

Using this information, you can plan ahead of time and prepare accordingly before, to get the most out of combats or expeditions in New World.

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