How to Transfer Character to Different Servers in New World

After a week of launch issues and a long wait, Amazon Games has finally released the highly awaited Server Transfer feature for New World. If you are one of those people who made characters on any server you could get into, we will show you how to transfer your character to a different server in New World so you can play with your friends.

New World Character Transfer

Due to the small server capacity and high influx of players, New World’s launch was mired by queue times that went on for hours before you could get in. Being an MMO, players obviously wanted to play with their friends and hence waited for hours in the queue. To get people to actually play the game instead of the waiting game, Amazon announced that soon they will be allowing a free character transfer for players.

After over 2 weeks of waiting, that character transfer feature is finally live in New World. If you are on a different server than your friends, you can all play together now by deciding on a server and then transferring there.

How to Transfer Characters in New World

Everyone will be given a free transfer token once the system is active for their particular server. To ensure a smooth process, the transfer system will be rolled out in waves for different regions and servers, starting from AP Southeast.

If you want to move your New World character to a new server, head on over to the in-game Premium Store by pressing Esc and then clicking on the Store tab. There you will see a World Transfer tab. Click on it and claim your free World Transfer Token.

Before you initiate the transfer process, there are a few things to keep in mind

  • Your character progression, quests, inventory and storage will all carry over to the new server
  • Any items you have for sale or on buy order on the Trading Post will have to be removed canceled before you can start the transfer.
  • You will have to leave your Company in order to transfer character. However, your Faction will remain the same even on the new server.
  • Finally, you need to be in a Sanctuary; settlement or shrine, before you can start the World Transfer process to move to a new server in New World.

World Transfer Limitations

Although initially, Amazon promised that players would be able to transfer to different regions as well, they soon went back on that promise. As of now, you can only transfer your character to a server that is in the same region. This means that a character on AP Southeast can’t be transferred to Europe or American servers.

As mentioned before, you will have to leave your company and move all your items from the Trading Post to your inventory or storage. Since you are moving to a new server, your friend list will not carry over either and you will have to add your friends again.

Due to how the World Set system works in New World, you cannot move your character to a world set where you already have a character so keep this in mind when deciding which world to move to.

While the first time character transfer is free for everyone, to transfer characters in the future players will have to purchase tokens from the Store for either the premium currency or real money.

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