New World Best Tank Builds

Though New World is all about a class-less system, there are still ways through which you can play as a tank. All the builds for the tank are centered heavily around Constitution and Strength in terms of priority. We’ll be showing you some of New World Best Tank Builds that you can use to beef yourself up.

New World Best Tank Builds

Tanks play a vital role in groups as they’re beneficial in expeditions, wars, group/elite farming. As a Tank, you rely on controlling the flow of battle to save your allies from hazards.

Becoming a front-line fighter and soaking in damage for your allies in New World centers mostly around Sword and Shield builds in the game.

You also excel in dealing damage through scoring critical hits by using weapons such as swords and shields. Before we discuss the New World Best Tank Builds, let’s talk about its primary weapons.

Primary Weapons

Sword and Shield are the weapons of choice for the Tanks. They are flexible weapons that equip you with a good combination of defense and damage.

These can easily make any combination of skills work. Additionally, these weapons are all-rounders for crowd control, cleave damage, and defensive buffs for combat as a tank.

It takes one extra step to be an effective tank in PvE mode i.e. you need to be equipped with a Cut Flawed Carnelian gem.

Again, this is only applicable in PvE mode. This enables particular abilities on specific weapons to taunt and provoke the enemies to attack you. You’ll know you have successfully taunted an enemy once the border of the bar above them turns red.

The total number of weapons that have taunting capabilities is 6. Starting with the Spear, we have a taunt capability on Vault Kick, which you can tell by the “Taunt Gem Compatible” in the skill’s description. In Vault Kick, it causes a 2-second taunt on enemies.

Where to find the Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are the primary weapons designated for tanking in the weapons list of the game. They are an unbeatable choice of primary weapons for tanks providing a fine balance between crowd control, defense, and one-on-one attacks.

You can obtain certain swords by completing particular tasks. For example, Isabellas’s Chosen One is obtained by completing one of the special tasks. Some swords like the Orichalcum Sword are crafted by the Craftsmen.

You can also use Weaponsmithing to craft Swords and Shields. Different Shields and swords will have different recipes. For example, an Iron Round Shield can be crafted using 1 Leather, 7 Tier 2 Metals, and 2 Refined Woods.

Secondary weapons consisting of taunt compatibilities are Great Axe, Hatchet, Warhammer, Rapier, and Sword.

Below we’ve given the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Sword and Shield combination.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Any close combat or melee weapon in New World has its pros and cons. Let’s talk about the strengths of the Sword and Shield weapons.


  • Sword is a short weapon, making it easier to fight against foes with spears or axes
  • Swords provide a fast-paced gameplay style
  • Swords have a fantastic ability to repel enemy projectiles
  • Shield helps in steadily blocking attacks
  • Grabs enemy focus and allows you to survive the maximum number of attacks
  • Provides great survivability as it is the only weapon in the game which utilizes the Shield
  • Has a long-lasting taunt ability


  • The slow time of skill recovery can be a bit frustrating.

Attribute Distribution

As discussed earlier, you should opt for a Strength-heavy distribution with Constitution as the secondary as a tank. These are two of the essential attributes of a tank.

They provide you the ability to put your full force into an offensive attack while also swiftly soaking a decent amount of damage.

  • Constitution: 200
  • Strength: 70
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Focus: 5

Secondary Weapon

Any two-handed weapon can work as the secondary weapon for this build.

Hatchet is mainly our best secondary weapon choice as it consists of Berserk, which has a Taunt gem Compatibility. It provides the most prolonged taunt duration of 8 seconds in the game.

Hatchet also provides Defy Death which gives you death immunity. This ability is pretty helpful for you as a tank in New World.

You can also opt for a Spear which is generally considered a weak weapon, but it has an excellent knock-back attack which is immensely useful for a tank.

Finally, the Great Axe and Warhammer can also be used as secondary tank weapons since they have the highest damage ratings compared to any other weapons in the game.

Reverse Stab and Tactician Tank Build

We will be focusing on the best skills you need to invest your points in for this Tank Build.


The Sword and Shield Skill Tree is divided into two branches, the Swordmaster and the Defender.

Defiant Stance: First, you’ll need Defiant Stance, which allows you to effectively spam taunt on all the enemies within eight meters for six seconds. It reduces incoming damage by 50% while taunting all the enemies.

Reverse Stab and Tactician: We use Reverse Stab shortly after using Defiant Stance. Since we’ll have all the enemies piled upon us due to the usage of Defiant Stance, we can try and land a reverse sab on four or more enemies.

Next, the Tactician passive skill will activate for every individual enemy that is in front of you. If we look at the bigger picture, all sword cooldowns will be reduced by 100 percent with the usage of this combo, and since Defiant Stance also counts as a sword cooldown, it will become available again.

In case Reverse Stab is not fixed, then this is how you’ll divide the skill points. You’ll add 8 points to Defender and 11 points to Swordmaster. This is a rather unconventional and more aggressive build, but it can make things fun for you.

Leadership: Giving this passive skill from the Swordmaster branch to every team member can add 10% more damage.

Whirling Blade: You’ll be using Whirling Blade followed by a Reverse Stab. So after using Defiant Stance, which is mandatory, you’ll be using the Whirling Blade. This will increase the damage by another 5%.

Life Staff Tank Build

This is a great build for the tank. You can combine the Life Staff with your standard Shield and Sword to get a brilliant Tank Build. This build will have some of the best abilities.


Some of the best abilities for the Life Staff tank are mentioned below.

Shield Bash: This skill is very important and it will deal 50% weapon damage on hit and stun the enemy for 2 seconds. This skill is compatible with Taunt Gem which taunts the enemies for 6 seconds.

Defiant Stance: This skill will reduce the incoming base damage by 30% for 8 seconds and with Taunt Gem it can Taunt the enemies for 6 seconds within a radius of 8m.

Shield Rush: With this skill, you can knock down enemies and deal 125.4% weapon damage by moving forward 5m. This is a great shield skill.

Sacred Ground: This skill will create a field on the ground for 15 seconds in which you get healed for 20% weapon damage/s.

Splash of Light: This skill is very important for healing you and your allies. With this skill, you and your allies are healed for 50% weapon damage inside a 100m radius.

Orb of Protection: This is more of an all-rounder skill as it can heal 10% weapon damage. It can also give 10% Fority for 20 seconds along with the 147% weapon damage after successfully hitting the enemies

Reverse Stab Alternate Tank Build

As an alternative, if Reverse Stab is fixed, you can also go on to the Defender side of the tree and get heavily packed on all the abilities mentioned there.


Some essential abilities are mentioned below.

Recuperation: It gives you an immense amount of healing.

Defensive Training: Another skill that helps you take 10% less damage upon blocking for five seconds.

Study Grip: An essential skill because it reduces stamina damage while blocking.

 Study Shield: It gives a 15% increase in physical armor.

Elemental Resistance: Reduces the magical damage that you take.

Overall, you’ll be investing a total of 15 points in the Defender branch and 4 points in the Swordmaster branch for this build.

Hatchet Tree Skills

Now going over to the Hatchet Side, you’ll be investing 11 points into Berserker and 2 points into Throwing.

Berserk is the essential ability in this tree. Select the entire Berserk Tree with all of its passive skills for this build. It gives you amazing damage reduction and healing abilities.

You’ll also select Defy Death and all the relevant passives, such as the Raging Torrent, as fillers. From the right side of the tree i.e., Throwing, we’ll be going for Rending Throw, which increases the damage by 10%.

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