New World Best PvP Builds

To become the best player in any competitive game, you need to have the best characters with overpowered builds and a perfect combination of weapons, skills, and attributes. In this guide, we’ll be showing you New World Best PvP Builds, so you can take these templates and spring in action to effectively tackle other players in a deadly brawl.

New World Best PvP Builds

In New World, you don’t have to level up your character. But instead, you need to allocate skill points into Weapon Active & Passive Skills and Attributes that scale with that weapon.

Every character in New World has two weapon slots that you can upgrade using active and passive skills. The skills that you choose will determine how powerful your character is in the PvP mode.

Below, we have listed New World Best PvP Builds with the skills that you should use with the equipped weapons and the most suitable armor to choose with the builds.

Great Axe-Hatchet Build

Best Hatchet Masteries

The Hatchet skill tree is divided into two parts, Berserker and Throwing. Below we’ve given the best possible Active skills along with their passives for you to unlock in order.


An Active skill used for activating Berserk Mode for 20 seconds, dealing +20% on all attack types. The mode itself lasts for a total of 12 seconds and its cooldown is triggered once Berserk ends.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • On the Hunt: Increases 20% movement speed while in Berserk mode.
  • Berserking Refresh: Regain parts of your health back every 4 seconds to a max of 30% HP, while in Berserk.
  • Berserking Purge: Upon triggering Berserk, remove all Crowd Control Effects.
  • Uninterruptable Berserk: During Berserk, your attacks can’t be interrupted.

Raging Torrent

This Active Skill allows you to carry out four quick attacks, each dealing 90% weapon damage.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Aggressive Approach: Receive Haste and increase 20% movement speed for 6 seconds upon damaging the opponent with Raging Torrent.
  • Final Blow: At the end of Ragin Torrent, press a light attack to deal 120% weapon damage.

Rending Throw

This Active skill deals 110% Weapon Damage upon throwing an Axe and applying Rend. Decrease opposition’s damage absorption up to 10% for the next 10 seconds.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Targeted Impact: 15% Rend is increased upon going any further than 8 meters from the target.
  • Opportunistic: Deals an additional 20% damage by a Rending Throw. However, target must have an active debuff for this.
  • Second Wind: Reduce ability cooldown by 20% upon using Rending Throw on a target with an active debuff.

General Passives

General Passives are the left-over passives from the skill tree in which you should invest you remaining points into. Below is a list of the best General Passives for the Hatchet Mastery.

  • Defy Death: Avoid death and become immortal for 3 seconds upon taking lethal damage from attacks that drop your HP to zero.
  • Enraged Strikes: When your opponent is below 30% HP, both your Light and Heavy attacks dish out 20% more damage.
  • Against All Odds: If an enemy is within 5 meters of you, it is dealt with 10% increased base damage.
  • Accumulated Power: After you make 3 successful light attacks to the same target, you gain Empower.
  • Fortifying Strikes: Fortify is granted upon hitting the same target with 3 light attacks, increases 15% damage absorption for 3 seconds.
  • Critical Throw: Makes thrown axes capable of triggering headshots or random critical strikes. Apart from that, it enhances the critical hit chance of every attack by 5%.
  • Exploitation: All attacks deal 15% additional damage to targets with an active debuff.

Best Great Axe Masteries

The Great Axe skill tree is split into two sections, Reaper and Mauler. Below we’ve detailed the Active and passive skills from the Great Axe skill tree.


Allows you to extend your axe by 5m, pulling opponents to you, and dealing 110% weapon damage.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • The Collector: Reap range is now 8 meters.
  • Hunger: Heals 30% of the damage caused by Reap.
  • Fatal Attraction: Adds a spin attack to Reap, dealing 115% damage.
  • Blood Lust: Increases your speed by 30% and damage by 15%.


This Active Skill possesses Unstoppable, which allows you to use your ability without any interruptions. Charge 10m, dealing 120% damage. The attack will execute once you reach a target or if you press LMB.

Gravity Well

This Active Skill is used for creating a vortex that opens for 3 seconds and drags your opponents into it. This skill is activated once you throw an axe.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Crowded Well: Increases burst damage by 10% for each foe caught in the vortex.
  • Unyielding: Adds 10% fortify to all the allies helping you.

General Passives

Below is a list of the best general Passives for the Great Axe Mastery tree.

  • Greed: Light attacks give you 5% damage for 5 seconds.
  • Death’s Embrace: Penetrates 10% more armor on enemies below 50% HP.
  • Critical Condition: Allows you to land critical strikes on enemies with HP below 30%.
  • Critical Gains: Heals you after you land a critical strike.
  • Frustration: Upon blocking an attack, you will get a 15% damage for ten seconds.
  • Keen Edge: Gives you 10% more critical damage.
  • Feed: Heals you for hitting enemies below 30% HP.
  • Heavy Pull: Pulls your enemies closer to you.
  • Enduring Strike: Adds grits to your heavy attacks, and provides you stagger resistance. It also results in a 20% damage reduction.
  • Gravity: Helps pull your enemies for 30% longer, which improves the effectiveness of your cc ability.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 195
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Focus: 5
  • Constitution: 5

Recommended Armor

  • Weapon: Covenant Lumen Hatchet/Corruption’s Resurgance.
  • Headwear: Waterlogged Headwear of the Cavalier.
  • Chestwear: Desecrated Breastplate of the Warden.
  • Gloves: Profane Gauntlets of the Barbarian.
  • Legwear: Corrupted Leather Pants of the Brigand.
  • Footwear: Corrupted Boots of the Barbarian.
  • Jewelry: Magnum Force.

The ideal selection for your gear would provide you with the much-needed strength boost to push past the limit that your attributes can give you. The more the damage, the faster your opponents will perish.

Sword-Hammer Build

Best Sword Masteries

The Sword skill tree is divided into two parts, Swordmaster and Defender. Below we’ve detailed the Active and passive skills from the Sword skill tree.

Leaping Strike

This Active Skill is used for dealing 130% Weapon damage by leaping 6 meters.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Final Strike: Deal an additional 50% damage upon hitting an opponent below 30% health.
  • Cowardly Punishment: Cause slow for the next 8 seconds when leaping strike hits a target in the back.

Shield Rush

This Active Skill is used for knocking back opponents by Rushing forward, dealing 125.4% weapon damage.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Improved Rush: Upon a successful hit, all enemies within 5m gain 10% Weaken for 4 seconds.
  • Intimidating Rush: Upon a successful hit, all enemies within 5m gain 30% Slowed for 4 seconds.

Defiant Stance

This Active Skill is used for reducing incoming base damage from attackers by 30% for 8 seconds.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Final Countdown: Damage reduction increases by 20% if your health is above 50%.
  • Restoration: Once Defiant Stance ends, gain 15% Max HP back.

General Passives

Below is a list of the best General Passives for the Sword Mastery tree.

  • Achilles Heel: The final attack in your light attack chain causes a 20% Slow for 2s.
  • Freeing Justice: Successfully hitting with a Heavy attack causes you to lose 1 debuff.
  • Critical Precision: Gain an additional 20% haste for 5s on critical.
  • Sturdy Grip: Stamina damage is reduced by 15% when blocking a melee attack with a shield.
  • Defensive Training: When you block an attack, gain 10% Fortify for 5s.
  • Recuperation: All incoming healing and regeneration increased by 10%.
  • Sturdy Shield: Grants an additional 15% physical armor.
  • Elemental Resistance: Reduce damage from all magical types by 10%.
  • Defensive Formation: While blocking, reduce damage to all allies within 2 meters by 30%.

Best Warhammer Masteries

The Warhammer skill tree is divided into two parts, Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher. However, for this build, we’ll be mainly focusing on Crowd Crusher tree of Warhammer and will be unlocking all Passives.

Clear Out

An Active skill used for creating distance between enemies by knocking them back 4 meters and deals 115% weapon damage.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Power Clearner: Grants fortify by hitting a target with Clear Out. Additionally provides with a 10% defense bonus for 4 seconds along with all friendlies for 6 seconds.
  • Clean and Refreshed: Reduces Clear Out’s cooldown by 5% each opponent hit with the ability.
  • Swing Away: Grants Haste by using Clear Out on a target and also provides with an additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Path of Destiny

An Active Skill that erupts a linear wave of energy in front, dealing 110% weapon damage to anything coming in its way.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Seismic Waves: All targets are staggered by Path of Destiny.
  • Stimulated Reduction: Upon each opponent hit with Path of Destiny, ability cooldown goes down 5%.


An Active Skill used for slamming your Hammer to the ground that creates a 3-meter AOE earthquake, dealing 80% weapon damage.

Passive Skills to Unlock in Order

  • Frailty: Trauma by the attack causes Weaken and additionally reduces damage dealt by targets’ attack for 10 seconds up to 10%.
  • Meteoric Crater: Increases Shockwave’s radius to 4 meters.

General Passives

Below is a list of the best General Passives for the War Hammer Mastery skill tree.

  • I Can Do This All Day: Reduce Stamina consumption by 30% when Blocking Melee Attacks.
  • Guarded Sprint: Reduce damage taken by 10% while sprinting.
  • Concussive Impact: +15% damage against targets affected by Warhammer Debuffs.
  • Prevailing Spirit: Regain 35% of damage dealt as Health when using a Crowd Crusher ability.
  • Acceleration: Reduce War Hammer Cooldowns by 7% when using light attacks against targets with an active Debuff.
  • Aftershock: Whenever a target is affected by a Crowd Control effect, they are slowed by 20% for 4 Seconds.
  • Outnumbered: Increase damage absorption by 105 if surrounded by 2 or more enemies within 3 meters of player.
  • Facilitated Expedition: After hitting a target with an active Debuff; Obtain Haste, increasing movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.
  • Resurgence: Reduces debuff duration by 25% after Light attacks with a Warhammer.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 195
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Focus: 5
  • Constitution: 5

Recommended Armor

  • Weapon: Whisper of the Wood/Fury.
  • Headwear: Voidbent Helm.
  • Chestwear: Voidbent Breastplate.
  • Gloves: Voidbent Gauntlets.
  • Legwear: Voidbent Legguards.
  • Footwear: Voidbent Sabatons.
  • Jewelry: Demon’s Oracle Signet Ring.