New Vermintide 2 Information Comes From PC Gamer UK Expose

Some new Vermintide 2 information has given out a good bit of what we can expect from the upcoming sequel to the Left 4 Dead-like action game published by Fatshark Studios. The game is the sequel to the original Vermintide, which came out in 2015 to positive reviews. Vermintide 2, however, will be upping the ante.

Vermintide 2 is the original Vermintide’s direct sequel, taking place after the first game when the End Times threaten to destroy the entire world. Having saved the city of Ubersreik from the Skaven, the five protagonists from the first game now go to the city of Helmgart, which is under threat from a hideous alliance known as the Dark Pact: between the Skaven of Clan Fester from the original game, and a warband of Chaos Warriors.

Most of the new Vermintide 2 information deals with how the game’s AI director will be changed, along with changes to the game’s loot system, contracts system, and story. For instance, players will now no longer have to roll dice to get loot at the end of a mission: instead, they will be unlocking a loot chest, which will give out gear.

The Director will also be improved; with two different factions to be fighting, the game will now be mixing them up and putting them in appropriate places (such as fighting more Skaven if a level takes you into a Skaven lair). Enemies will also be in different configurations, such as sword and shield variants, dual-wielding, and two-handed weapons.

According to the new Vermintide 2 information, the game’s story will be based in three arcs, each one across 13 missions. Each arc will also have a boss at the end, including a Chaos Sorcerer, a Skaven Warlord, and a Chaos Champion.

There’s no concrete release date yet for Vermintide 2, but if you want to see the new Vermintide 2 information for yourself, you can follow this link to the original Reddit post.