Undead Labs is Reportedly Working on a New IP Alongside State of Decay 3

Undead Labs, the studio behind the open-world zombie survival trilogy State of Decay, is apparently working on a new IP alongside the upcoming third entry in the series. However, this is only a rumor started by industry insider Jeff Grubb. Whether there’s actual truth to it hasn’t been revealed yet.

With two (soon to be three) zombie survival games under its belt, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Undead Labs wants to make a new IP, but so far Grubb’s speculation doesn’t really have anything to stand on other than rumors at present. There are no current job openings on Undead Labs’ official website other than general interest, whereas if they were making a new game, they would likely have some positions open.

Of course, there could also be the possibility that the game is still in pre-production stages and not ready to begin coding yet, which could likely explain why there are no new specific job openings on the studio’s website. But at the same time, Grubb is the first we’ve heard of any new IP from the studio.

We haven’t even seen any gameplay of State of Decay 3, or had any advertising from it barring a single trailer that was released two years ago during E3. While it’s possible that the new IP that Undead Labs is possibly working on might be responsible for the slow pace, if the studio is having trouble with development it would be a poor decision to start making another game while the original still hasn’t released.

But, again, without confirmation from Undead Labs, we likely won’t find out about this supposed new IP until the studio is actually ready to show it. That could mean an announcement trailer at the Summer of Gaming or some other major event, or even just a random trailer dropped on their YouTube page.

Either way, with how the past two State of Decay games have been, hopefully State of Decay 3 can come out and be good, and that Grubbs’ leak about a new IP from Undead Labs will turn out to be true as well.

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