New Uncharted 4 Video Talks About the Technical Side of the game

An Uncharted 4 video released by Naughty Dog today has given us a good insight into how much work the Naughty Dog team has put into making Uncharted 4 as amazing-looking as possible, and it seems like they might very well be telling the truth.

The first 45 seconds of the video are spent talking about even the smallest details, such as how they can have individual beads of sweat beading up on the characters’ faces.

Mention is also made that the game will have ten times the explorable space that the other Uncharted games, making Uncharted 4 less linear.

“We still have Point A to Point B, you just have different branches now to get there,” according to Robh Ruppel, the art director for Uncharted 4.

Ruppel also said that part of the challenge of making all of those different branches would be that they all have to be thought-out and well-designed, rather than being blank pieces of game that you can walk through.

This will most likely especially come in handy during the car chase sequence shown at last year’s E3, where Nathan Drake and his brother were chased through the streets of a city by a truck armed with a machine gun.

Teagan Morrison, Uncharted 4’s technical director, also brought up that in addition to making areas bigger, they’re also going to be more detailed.

Again from last year’s E3, this is best shown in the area before the truck chase sequence, as Nathan and his brother thread their way through a vibrant marketplace thronged with people.

This Uncharted 4 video is the third of the development diaries that Naughty Dog has put out to talk about the game, which will release on May 10. It will be the final chapter in Nathan Drake’s story and will hopefully blow every Uncharted game before it away.