Amazon Hinting New The Last of Us 2 Release Date?

Ever since the abrupt delay of Naughty Dog’s next major title, the Last of Us fans kept in silence over its release. While we were speculating about its launch, Amazon comes in with a potential leak of the official The Last of Us 2 release date with the most obvious way. The Italian store includes the release date on the game’s product page.

The release date of The Last of Us 2 has been delayed a couple of weeks ago along with Iron Man VR due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, the game has been removed from the Playstation Store. Naughty Dog expressed their stun over the situation, saying that they’re confused over their next steps.

Amazon Italy includes a June 26th release date for the game on its product page, although we don’t know if it is indeed a leak or a mistake. The original release date was back in February with its new one not being official yet. The launch day set by Amazon Italy includes all available versions of the game, along with its Collector’s edition. Although this listing is not still available, another one appeared claiming that the release date is December 31st, keeping the release date vague for the time being.

amazon italy the last of us 2

in related news, Naughty Dog has given out the unfortunate news today that there won’t be a Last Of Us 2 demo coming out on the Playstation Network, and only the press will get access to one.

Naughty Dog explained it as allowing its devs to have some downtime because of their current workload. Also, a new leak includes information about the game’s story and why Ellie is set to get revenge in the sequel. Even though the post has a lot of spoilers, it does set the mood for the game’s imminent release.

Speaking of games that got delayed, Cyberpunk 2077 now has a September release, with no stable date yet. The employees are working remotely, for the time being, hoping to polish the game as much as possible before its release.

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