New The Last Of Us 2 Information Talks About Enemies, Environments, Story

After a very solid showing at the Playstation 4 E3 conference several days ago, several Naughty Dog devs including Neil Druckmann, Anthony Newman, and Kurt Margenau, all sat down with IGN’s Lucy O’Brien to give out some more of The Last Of Us Part 2 information on things like enemies, story, and more.

This new gameplay shown at E3 is the first indication of any sort of gameplay that we’ve gotten out of the game, and it still was able to show us a great deal of new stuff that wasn’t in the first Last Of Us Game, including new crafting options, new places to hide, and other new mechanics.

To start with among the Last Of Us 2 information, the crafting option in the game has been reinvigorated. Players can now create trick arrows to help boost the power of their bow, creating things like exploding arrows (which Ellie used to explode an enemy in the gameplay video. Enemies have also gotten smarter, calling out to their comrades to search for you, referring to each other by name, and more.

There’s also more places for you to hide and get into stealth in the game, ranging from things like hiding behind furniture and in tall grass, to even crawling under vehicles to help hide from enemies. Enemies will also search for you there, though, so you’ll have to keep on your toes. This will all be adding to the greater levels of verticality in the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be taking place four years after the original Last Of Us in the settlement of Jackson, where Joel’s brother Tommy managed to set up a settlement. Both Joel and Ellie live in that place now, on patrols, but it seems like the two of them, and maybe even the settlement itself, are threatened by a cult, which was introduced in the Paris Games Week trailer for the game last year.

We’ll likely get more of The Last Of Us Part 2 information as the game comes closer to release, but for now The Last Of Us Part 2 will be releasing on Playstation 4 sometime in 2019.


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