New The Coalition Game In The Works, Is It Gears 6?

Gears of War developer The Coalition has announced that they’re working on a brand new game that has yet to be announced. But is it Gears of War 6, or something entirely different? We don’t know. However, the new The Coalition game did get a bit of info from the Microsoft development blog.

According to said blog post, the game is going to be making use of Visual Studio 2019, and is already reaping many benefits from it. These benefits include faster building and linking times, a more responsive user interface, and more stable debugging.

The Coalition is one of Microsoft’s many different development studios, so if their new game is going to be coming out on the Xbox Series X, it’s definitely at least going to be graphically impressive. With the power of the Xbox Series X behind it, The Coalition’s games can look better than they ever have before, even taking the Gears games into account.

While the new The Coalition game could very possibly be Gears of War 6, it wouldn’t really fit the studio to keep such development under wraps, even if it hasn’t been announced yet. With this in mind, it’s possible the studio is working on an entirely original IP.

If it is a new IP, then we likely won’t know anything else about it for a long time, at least until the studio is ready to talk about it. At the same time though, we might see some kind of trailer for it sooner than we think, considering the Game Awards aren’t that far away. The event might have a trailer for the studio’s new game alongside other rumored reveals.

And if it in fact is a new Gears of War game, hopefully it will be another smash hit for the studio. But until then, all we can do about the new The Coalition game is just wait and speculate until a trailer comes out.