New Tests For PlayStation 4 CUH-1200 Model Confirm Reduced Power Consumption And Noise Reduction

Sony has released the new CU-1200 model of the PlayStation 4 in Japan, while fans in Europe and North America can pick it up next month, according to an announcement by Sony.

Some new performance tests were conducted on the CU-1200 by Pocketnews. They compared the new model to previous CUH-1000 and CUH-1100. There is a 20% power consumption difference between the new and older models, while noise reduction improvements have been made.

CUH-1200 is at 53db while previous models are at 57db, not a big difference but still a difference indeed. You can see the results of these tests below:

PS4 CHU-1200 1

Apart from noise reduction and improved power consumption the new PS4 model is essentially the same a previous systems. The design is the same as it has been since the release of PS4 back in 2013.

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