Techland Teases New IP With Concept Art

A new Techland game is apparently in development, according to a tweet posted by Techland Games themselves on Twitter.

Techland Games, the studio behind the Dying Light duology, has teased on Twitter today that they’re starting to work on a new Triple-A game which is expected to be a new IP. The teaser, which mainly consisted of a piece of concept art, also said the game would be a narrative-driven fantasy epic in an open world.

Exactly how open-world the game will be remains to be seen, considering that both of the Dying Light games mainly took place in a single city (though the DLC for the first Dying Light added a new area large enough that they let you drive a car), but Techland at least has experience in making them.

The concept art for the game looks appealing as well, including ruined structures on top of mountains, a shattered moon in the sky, enormous waterfalls, and a tree so large the apparent protagonist appears to be climbing around it like a monkey.

Of course, this is just concept art, intended to capture the feel of what Techland wants to go for in the game, While the Dying Light games had a number of stunning vistas themselves, who knows what this new game will turn out to be like until we actually see gameplay.

The game could be first-person like the Dying Light games, or a third-person title. It could have an area like Dying Light’s city settings, or bigger, including an entire open world like the tweet says. Either way, hopefully this game has less trouble coming out than Dying Light 2 did.

Dying Light 2 was first announced at E3 2018, and suffered from numerous delays and controversies before it came out last February. It sold well and did well critically too, which is hopefully a sign that Techland can continue their trend with this game.

It will likely be some time before we actually see anything concrete about this new Techland game, but until then we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the studio.

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