“I Am Still Tasi,” Says New Teaser Trailer By Frictional Games

Frictional Games has been working on an unannounced project for a while now and the developer is finally ready to drop some teasers — for real this time.

Earlier today, a trailer was released by Frictional Games where a woman named Tasi — from her first-person perspective — is trying to search for someone important. She seems agitated, scared, and has to remind herself twice that she is “still” Tasi. The clip then opens up to show a barren wasteland where a cavern of sorts can be seen in the horizon half-buried in the sands and emitting a strange blue light. The mysterious and vague tone is exactly what Frictional Games is known for and hopefully, more details will be provided soon.

Back in January, Frictional Games updated its official website with a small neuron-like pulsating blip that began growing as the days went by. Right now, that clue of sorts has evolved into a human fetus, or at least it looks human on the surface. The fetus may possible grow further in the days to come but before the teaser trailer of today, this alone was the only teaser dropped by Frictional Games for its unannounced project.

The Swedish developer is known to specialize in survival horror games that rely little (or not at all) on traditional combat gameplay mechanics and instead force the player to just survive by trying to hide and escape. Penumbra, Amnesia, and Soma being the most recent offering, are some amazing horror experiences from Frictional Games. The developer has usually taken between three to five years before releasing anything new. Soma was released back in 2015 and since then, there has been nothing but silence.

Suffice to say, Frictional Games will not have wasted these past four years. Whatever the developer has been working on will undoubtedly be a massive improvement over its past games. At this point, it would be fair to assume that an announcement will be coming soon and a release will probably happening later in the year.

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