New Strategy Title for Xbox One Confirmed by Phil Spencer

It appears like most of the gaming industry guys are starting to indulge in conversations with the community way more than before; this is specially true in the case of Twitter.

This time around it is the Xbox head, Phil Spencer who has been answering a vast range of questions posed by fans of Xbox One on his official Twitter profile.

The first and the foremost was a surprisingly welcome reveal; he was asked if Xbox One was going to get a new strategy title any time soon and Spencer simply confirmed that yes, we will. It is probable that he was referring to an unannounced title that is in development.

Fingers crossed!

He also shared good news for the fans of Xbox One in Brasil; on the topic of whether they are going to be at the Brasil Game Show or not, he said “I hope so, trying to do the planning now.”

Someone also asked him whether Microsoft still had the Call of Duty deal (another hot topic at the moment) but he didn’t reveal anything:

Yea sorry, in general I won’t comment on specific deals too much as there are contracts etc.

However, I don’t think that if they still had the deal – or that there were no issues with it – then why wouldn’t Spencer simply say that they had it. Could it be that they are in discussion right now? Could it be that Xbox One is going to lose that deal in favor of PlayStation 4?

Moving on, he also apologized for the recent Halo content updates after someone said that it was too frustrating and almost unplayable:

I understand. The latest CU had issues and team is working through them, I apologize.

About the Xbox App for Windows 10, he mentioned an update coming in the month that is going to add new features. While talking to one of the users he commented that “you’ll get an update to the app in the month with new features.”

So, any guesses what strategy title for Xbox One are we talking about?

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