New Square Enix Video Shows Off Final Fantasy 15 Character Changing

Final Fantasy 15 character changing is finally getting a demonstration in a new video posted by Square Enix. The mechanic is a new thing for Final Fantasy 15, which mainly let you control the central character Noctis while only giving commands to your other party members. That’s all going to change soon.

In the video demonstration, Noctis and his friends are yet again fighting a giant monster. After landing a few hits, Noctis then switches with Gladiolus through the use of a pop-up menu similar to how you make your party members use their special abilities.

Considering how players have by now had the chance to play with Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto exclusively throughout their own character-exclusive DLC episodes, it’s no surprise that now players are being given the opportunity to play as them in the actual game. With a solid grasp on their abilities, players can now reliably play as all four of the party members, and their own playstyles.

Whether it’s Prompto’s gunslinging, Ignis’s skill with knives, Gladio’s raw power, or Noctis’s all-around skills, the Final Fantasy 15 character changing is a great way for players to use what they’ve learned in the DLC episodes in the main game.

There’s also going to be four more character episodes, including one dealing with the game’s antagonist, Ardyn. While we don’t know the other three, they might be a variety of other major characters across the game like Lunafreya, Cor, and others. Though, again, we don’t know who the other three will be.

If you want to see Final Fantasy 15 character changing in action for yourself, you can look back up the article at the video. The update that will allow you to switch characters in combat will be coming out this month, along with another big update that will add a lot of other stuff to the game.