New Splinter Cell Game Reportedly In Early Production

Following nearly a decade of wait, developer-and-publisher Ubisoft has reportedly begun work on a brand new Splinter Cell game.

According to a report by VGC earlier today, anonymous sources close to the matter have confirmed Ubisoft to be bringing back the franchise with a mainline Splinter Cell game which is said to now be in early production.

While no further details have been shared, there stands a chance that Ubisoft official announces the new Splinter Cell game somewhere next year.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist was released in 2013 as the sixth and last mainline installment in the franchise. Ubisoft, for whatever reasons, decided to put the franchise on a hiatus all these years while fans continued to request (and hope for) a new mainline game.

Ubisoft finally did announce the franchise to be returning last year but as a virtual reality game for the Oculus VR, an announcement which naturally did not go too well with fans. Ubisoft also tried its luck with free-to-play mobile crossovers but which too failed to garner any attention.

There has hence been a long waiting period for not only a new Splinter Cell game but also a mainline entry which continues the narrative of the fictional black-ops Third Echelon (now Fourth Echelon) division.

If sources are indeed correct, Ubisoft has taken this long to finally convince itself that it needs to listen to its player-base and protagonist Sam Fisher back.

While it is obviously too soon to speculate but how would a next-generation Splinter Cell game actually be? Will the developer consider an open world for the installment? Perhaps a little revamp of the stealth mechanics?

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