New From Software Game Gets Teased At The Game Awards: Bloodborne 2?

A new From Software game got announced last night at the game awards, but no one really knows what it is yet. However, many of From Software’s fans are hoping that it’s Bloodborne 2, or some other sort of Soulsborne game. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.

The trailer for the new game revolves around some sort of machine slowly turning, pulling what appears to be ligaments out of a leg. At the end, the tagline “Shadows Die Twice” is seen, followed by the From Software logo. While the imagery is disturbing enough to be something of Bloodborne (especially given that game’s intense blood symbolism much like Dark Souls’s symbolism of Fire and Dark), there’s no guarantee it’s actually a Bloodborne game.

Bloodborne ended fairly conclusively no matter which ending you got, and there’s really no room for a sequel unless From can come up with a way to justify why players are back in Yharnam, along with making things different from the first game. While that didn’t stop them from making new Dark Souls games, Bloodborne may be a different beast (snrk) altogether.

People have also guessed that the new From Software game isn’t a Soulsborne game at all, but something new, or at least a sequel to something other than a Soulsborne title. For instance, some have guessed that it’s a sequel to the 2008 game Shadow Assault: Tenchu.

It’s most likely not a new Armored Core game, either. While From has said that they’re not ready to let that series die, the imagery in the trailer doesn’t appear futuristic enough to be an Armored Core trailer, especially since there’s no giant robots flying around.

Either way, whatever this new From Software game is, hopefully it will be up to the standards of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.