New Skylanders Game Confirmed for 2016 by Activision Financials

Skylanders is one of the popular IPs of Activision which is why they are bound to keep it alive and juicy all the time. Looks like 2016 is also not going to be devoid of the floating islands. Activision itself has inadvertently confirmed that a new Skylanders game is set for release this year.

Activision, “the world’s most successful standalone interactive entertainment company” as they put themselves, has released their financial results for the first quarter of 2016 a couple of hours ago.

This is where a company usually talks about their performance in the preceding period. However, sometimes companies also talk to their stakeholders about what is to come in the near future so that they have a good idea of the company’s financial position.

In line with that, Activision has also outlined some of the things they plan to do this year, and one of those “things” is a new Skylanders game!

While talking about the company outlook, they have said that “Activision expects a new Skylanders game to launch in 2016 along with Skylanders Academy, a new TV series celebrating the beloved kids franchise.”

Sadly, that is all they have talked to us about, but if the release is going to be this year, it won’t be too long before we get more details on the title.

Being the most prominent name in the Toys to Life genre as well as among preteen gaming in general, it looks like Skylanders wants to make up for the less than expected sales they got last year.

It will also be an edge for them if they release the new Skylanders game this year because Disney Infinity is not being released in 2016.

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