New Silent Hill Game Rated By Korean Ratings Board

Ever since the unfortunate demise of the Hideo Kojima-helmed Silent Hills game, most Silent Hill fans have given up on seeing the franchise return, especially due to Konami’s withdrawal from video games. However, now, a new Silent Hill game has been rated by a Korean ratings board, offering a glimmer of hope.

The supposed game in question, called “Silent Hill: The Short Message”, came completely out of nowhere, and nobody knows what the game will be like so far. This is only the latest in a series of revelations and rumors about the return of the classic survival horror franchise as well. A remake of Silent Hill 2, by Bloober Team, the developers of The Medium, has also been rumored to exist.

Even before now, other rumors of Silent Hill’s return have been showing up. Earlier this year, concept art of a supposed Silent Hill game was leaked onto the Internet, though that art, for a project entitled “Project Sakura”, was quickly taken down by Konami, along with a few rumored screenshots last month So, who knows if it was even a new Silent Hill game to begin with.

All that we know right now is that Silent Hill: The Short Message is a video game title. There’s been no trailer, no description, or anything else of the sort. The game being rated now, however, might point towards the game being ready to release, so we might get a trailer for it soon.

With how soon games are rated prior to their release, it may be that Konami is getting ready for some sort of Silent Hill-based event coming in October to celebrate Halloween, especially since Silent Hill is, of course, a horror game.

Hopefully all of these rumors will prove to be right and we’ll be getting a new Silent Hill game in the very near future. With the fanbase that the franchise has, Konami might be able to start getting back in some people’s good graces.

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