New Saints Row Game In Development At Volition, First Full Entry Since 2013

If you were a fan of the Saints Row games, and have been waiting for a new one, then THQ Nordic and Volition Studios have good news for you. A new Saints Row game is apparently in development, according to a statement from THQ Nordic’s most recent investors report.

This new Saints Row game, unlike the “Gat Out Of Hell” standalone expansion that came out in 2015 after Saints Row 4, is the first full Saints Row game since Saints Row 4 released in 2013. One can only wonder how they’ll top Saints Row 4 with the new Saints Row game.

The Saints Row series focuses around the criminal gang known as the Third Street Saints, led by the Boss, the player character. Originally starting off as a clone to Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row quickly grew to be its own thing as it began lampooning Grand Theft Auto as a whole.

Saints Row 3, for instance, focused on the Saints being multimedia billionaires (for some reason) who were forced to start over in the city of Steelport while also contending with a rival gang known as the Syndicate. But, that’s nothing compared to 4.

Saints Row 4 took place in a Matrix-like computer simulation that the Saints were put into when a race of aliens known as the Zin took over the world. Within the confines of the computer world, characters were given superpowers and outlandish weapons to cause a wide variety of havoc. Oh, and the Boss is also President of the United States.

Considering the golden ending of Saints Row 4 focused on the Saints discovering the secret of time travel, it’s possible that the new Saints Row game will figure that into the plot somehow and allow the Saints to go nuts all throughout history.

We don’t know anything about the new Saints Row game, such as when it will come out, what the plot will be, or what platforms it will be on, but hopefully when it does release it’s able to live up to the expectations that the previous games in the series have already set for it.

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