New Rumor Says Apple Hybrid Console Supposedly In The Works

A recent rumor that came to light on the Korean forum website Clien has put forward that a new Apple hybrid console similar to the Switch might be in the works, though nothing has been said to prove this so far. If it is true, it would be a rather significant new endeavor for Apple.

Apple has always been more focused on more general technology than video games. Their Mac computers have always been more business-focused than general entertainment, though their iPhones still have the capacity to play games. An actual console however is an entirely different matter.

While nothing official has been announced about a hybrid console by them, the rumors on Clien also have very specific information, such as the console being powered by a new system on a chip that will improve GPU performance and would also include ray-tracing. Ubisoft is supposedly also being consulted on it.

Despite all of this specific information however, the rumor on Clien offers no source as to where they found out about the Apple hybrid console, so for all we know this could be somebody playing a joke, especially given Apple’s main focus.

Not only does Apple have no reason to release a hybrid console when they haven’t ever made one before, Apple has made no indications in the past that they would be interested in doing so. Even Apple themselves isn’t responsible for porting what games can be played on their computers and phones.

While it’s possible that interest in the concept might have been sparked by the ongoing legal feud between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite being removed from the Apple Store, one incident would likely not be enough to debate creating an Apple hybrid console.

Even though Apple could also be imitating Stadia, Stadia’s spotty performance might also be a black mark against such things. Either way, Apple might announce something like that in the future, but for now we should take it with a grain of salt.