New Resident Evil Claire Appearances May Be Coming, Says Performer

Stephanie Panisello, also known as the performer for character from Resident Evil Claire Redfield, has just dropped a big hint that we may be seeing future appearances from her characters in other Resident Evil games. The news was recently dropped on a podcast from the YouTube channel “Residence of Evil.”

Resident Evil has a large number of different characters across its many games that are likely to be used at some point in the future, and now that the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 have come out, renewed interest in these protagonists may lead to more appearances.

Considering that Claire’s brother Chris appeared at the ending (and in one DLC) of Resident Evil 7 as part of a new Umbrella group dedicated to wiping out the old company’s remnants, a future Resident Evil Claire appearance isn’t that far out of the picture either.

When we last saw Claire in a Resident Evil game, specifically Resident Evil Revelations 2, she was working with the bioterrorist relief group TerraSave. However, after that incident on the island, she hasn’t been seen or heard from in other Resident Evil games.

Since the game ended on a cliffhanger whether you got the good or bad ending, there’s a high possibility that whatever the next Resident Evil game is to feature Claire, Natalia may figure into it again. Then again, we can’t know for sure yet.

Panisello did, after all, say that future Resident Evil Claire appearances may be coming, so there’s not necessarily any sort of confirmation yet. We don’t even know what Resident Evil 8 will be about, so trying to act like a certain character could appear in it is foolish right now.

Capcom may give us more information on Resident Evil 8 at some time in the future, but considering 3 only released a few weeks ago, it’s far too soon to be talking about that at the moment.