New Razer Xbox One Controller Comes With RGB Lighting And Much More

The new Razer Xbox One controller is much like the previous Wildcat controller we saw earlier but comes with RGB lighting. If you are someone who must have all the RGB goodness in the world then the new Razer Xbox One controller is something worth looking into.

The new Razer Xbox One controller has an ergonomic design that adds to the functionality of the stock controller. The thumbsticks are grippier for added accuracy when playing fast paced games. You have the Razer logo in the middle with the Xbox logo on top, where you expect to find it. But you do not expect that RGB lighting around it.

Much like the Elite controller, the parts of the new Razer Xbox One controller can be taken off and customized according to what you are comfortable with and your play style. There are joysticks of different heights and shapes that you can replace and the D-pad can also be replaced. This is a premium controller for the pros and you can remap the buttons and functions.

At the back of the controller, you get 6 buttons instead of 4 which you find on the stock version. These can be remapped as well and can allow you to shoot, reload and do all kinds of things without having to move your thumbs from the joysticks. This can come in handy in intense games where time and accuracy is key.

Razer Xbox One Controller

Your custom key mapping can be saved to the cloud. This will come in handy the next time you go to your friend’s place and take the Razer Xbox One controller with you. Razer has its cloud service and so does Microsoft. You can use any one or both. You also get two buttons at the bottom of the controller.

Let us know what you think about the new Razer Xbox One controller and whether or not you are interested in buying one.

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