New Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Discusses Destruction and Levels

Rainbow Six Siege is going to blast onto the markets next year, but it has got people pretty siked about it even now. A new trailer has been released where Ubisoft Montreal developers discuss the one thing that the game is surely going to be great at; destruction.

One location shown in the video above is a highly destructible house in Boston suburbs. Thin walled and pretty much easy to blast through, it shows how the game is going to let you smash things to dirt.

In the video, Oliver Couture, the technical artist for the game says that the level of destruction you saw at E3 was only just the beginning and that other levels of the game are going to be much more destructible.

These levels, he says, take place in international locations but are going to be relatively small scale. Couture says that they are ‘never going to go super large scale.’

He also explains how Rainbow Six Patriots’ vision wasn’t compatible with the next-generation destruction technology:

“When we saw the results of gameplay opportunities [of the Realblast Destruction engine], we were like, okay, we have to make this part of the gameplay… so we were like, let’s make a new game, let’s start from scratch.”

There is no release date for Rainbow Six Siege yet, but it is known that the game will come out next year.

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