New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Seem To Take Indiana Jones Inspiration

Two new Rainbow Six Siege operators have been leaked via a pair of images that not only give us indications of what they’ll look like, but also a hint at where we’ll be going in the next season of the game. However, we still don’t know their names or specialties.

What we can glean from the two images that we were given is that both of them seem to be South American-based, as the pictures that reveal them show both of them in jungle environments fighting groups in half-tracks and trucks and stealing golden idols, typical South American jungle pursuits.

South America is a good place to take the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, considering it’s had a violent and tumultuous history and many rebel groups and drug cartels are located there and often have engaged in terrorism in the past.

The two new Rainbow Six Siege operators each get one image in the two that were leaked. The man of the two is apparently good with explosives, as his picture shows him blowing up a bridge that a group of soldiers are driving across in a truck. The woman of the pair, in the meantime, has beaten and tied up a pair of truck drivers and stolen the golden idol they were transporting.

While we don’t know what the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season will be, since each season takes us to new areas of the world there’s no telling what we’ll be coming across in the future, whether it’s jungle firefights, ancient ruins, or something else.

We have no idea of when the new Rainbow Six Siege operators will be added to the game, but we’ll likely be seeing them when the new season is about to begin as Ubisoft shows them off along with the various maps that will be added to the game.

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