New PUBG Mobile Hack Pops Up On The Internet, Have Devs Failed To Control Hackers On Mobile Version Too?

PUBG was a phenomenon when it launched in early access on Steam, however, the game is facing tough times thanks to lack of necessary bug fixes, an abundance of hackers and the lack of PUBG Corp’s control over the hackers. Now, the devs don’t even have control over PUBG mobile hackers as they are also getting out of control.

Just recently, 141 Chinese hackers were arrested because they were developing cheats or hacking software for PUBG.

The hacking situation has already gone out of the control of devs for the Desktop version and the situation is not looking any different for PUBG mobile.

Despite devs efforts and even resorting to daily 25 MB updates to keep hackers away, the devs have failed to get the situation under control as hackers come up with a new hack to bypass security.

Now, a new cheat is circulating the internet for PUBG mobile that helps players to win the game without any problem.

While this is an unethical thing to do on those who develop and those who use it but, the devs have failed miserably while trying to make the PC version a hacker free space. Now, the devs have even failed to contain the situation for the PUBG mobile.

The part of the reason why hackers have been infesting PUBG and the situation is out of the devs control is because they are not taking the right steps to rid the game of hackers. Just recently, PUBG Corp banned streamer Shroud for playing with a hacker.

The problem is that the devs are concentrating on banning accounts and players while not doing much to make it difficult for hackers to cheat in the game. That is partly the reason for the dwindling player base for PUBG.

What do you think of the hacking situation in PUBG? Do you think the devs need to do more to control the hackers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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