New PUBG Map Shown Off To Celebrate Game’s First Anniversary

The upcoming new PUBG map has been shown off by Bluehole in order to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has had a very successful first year since it came to Early Access early last year, and the third map is apparently finally close to coming out.

These last few months have been rough for the game, as many players have been making their dissatisfaction known with the state of the game, which has allowed cheaters and hackers to run rampant without any sort of updates or attempts at stopping them. However, Bluehole has said that they have taken the feedback into account.

The new PUBG map that was shown off will be the third map created, but will be different from normal maps in a variety of ways. While it is an island like the game’s original map Erangel, the new map is much smaller, being only four kilometers by four kilometers rather than Erangel’s eight by eight, and has a different atmosphere. Rather than a disused Soviet-looking feeling, the new map has a more tropical feel, with straw huts and greener areas.

When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds got its second map, Miramar, it turned out to be rather unpopular among the playerbase, to the point that players were coming up with ways to remove files so they wouldn’t have to play it (which Bluehole quickly shut down by making that an offense punishable by banning).

This map and Miramar were both teased way back early last year as part of the upcoming content that would be in the game, so it’s about time that we’re getting another change of scenery.

Hopefully this upcoming third island will actually get a more positive reception. It being half the size of other PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps will hopefully lead to more fast-paced action, especially since players will be dropping much closer to one another.

We don’t have any indication of when the new PUBG map will come out (though it will be put into the test realm in April), but hopefully it will be soon.