New PUBG Map Datamined Along With New Explosive, C4, Coming With Big Patch

With a huge patch coming in for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, dataminers have had a field day with finding out everything that’s going to be coming in the enormous patch, which is currently in test servers. This has revealed a new PUBG map, a snowy island that will be the fourth map added.

The new map doesn’t have a public name yet, apparently, but it seems to be a fairly sizable island that’s halfway covered in snow. This will hopefully make the game a big change from what it normally is, as camouflage and being able to listen and pick things out in the blinding white is definitely a big part of being able to play PUBG successfully.

Battlegrounds hasn’t been doing very well ever since Fortnite really started to pick up speed, losing a large amount of its playerbase due to slow updates, a lack of content, and issues with Chinese hackers. However, a huge patch like this might draw at least some players back.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has only had three maps available for the past few months, ever since its Sanhok map came out back in June. However, this new PUBG map, apparently called called Dihor Otok, is an eight-by-eight kilometer island that’s halfway covered in snow. There are cities both in the north and the south, and the island is bisected by a river with multiple crossing points, allowing you plenty of different ways to move around and hide.

The C4 that’s apparently coming with the new PUBG map could also be a big help to some players, considering the prominence of vehicles. If you’ve got good enough aim and it’s similar to the sticky bombs in other games you can toss it onto passing vehicles and then detonate it, or set mines on the roads for other cars. You could also lay traps in houses.

But either way, it’ll probably be a while before we see the new PUBG map in action. But when it comes out, you’d best be packing some winter gear.