New PUBG Game Mode Is Available On PC For A Limited Time Only

If you’ve ever played PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you likely look up at the sky with a mixture of hope and dread at the sound of a plane flying overhead. That feeling will likely only intensify with the new PUBG game mode that’s now on the PC, which adds supply drops.

The mode is an event mode similar to Fortnite, the second that PUBG has done in its history (the first one allowed eight-player teams and doubled the spawn rates of rifles.)

While supply drops already existed when the game first released, as periodically planes would fly over the game area and release pallets full of weapons and gear. If a player was close enough, they could make a run for where the supply drop would land, but other players would do the same thing, making going for them a risk.

However, with the new PUBG game mode, players can now call in their own supply drops with a flare gun. The flare gun’s a recent addition to the game, and will spawn in certain single-floor houses around the map. Pick one up, and you’ll be able to fire it into the sky. The supply drops that result will net you two weapons, a piece of level 3 armor, and some supplies.

However, just like with normal supply drops, you need to be careful about where and when you use them. A flare is very visible, as is the sight of a supply drop that players will likely run towards. If you haven’t found any good gear but the flare gun it’s probably worth it to try, but you might want to look around first and see if you’re sure there’s no good gear around.

The new PUBG game mode will only last until April 1, so you don’t have very much time to take part in it. The mode is also exclusive to the PC, and is only happening on the Miramar map.