Sony Introduces New PSVR Headset Patent To Counter Simulation Sickness

Sony is all set to take on the simulation sickness with its newly made PSVR headset patent so that the PlayStation VR gaming can flourish. The patent has been in the offing since the start of last year which was six months after the first official PSVR came out in October 2016. With the all-new PSVR headset patent, Sony wishes to battle out the motion sickness caused by the virtual reality gaming.

Sony explains that the PSVR headset has a method designed to find a way out of the condition they refer to as “virtual reality sickness”. It does so by the means of HMD, Head Mounted Device which features biometric sensors like the thermometer, eye-tracking cameras, a moisture sensor, and exterior orientation sensors.

By combining the functionality of all these biometric sensors the PSVR headset is supposed to inform right on the instant when the virtual reality gaming experience starts to take a toll on the user. This is described by the producers to be possible through the “health threshold value” which is established after the headset integrates the above-mentioned features.

After the intensity of the gaming experience is taken into account the PSVR headset starts to act on it. It does so by looking for the issues that stand behind this tension created in for the user. In addition to that, the headset even has a microphone attached to it which looks for any negative words being spoken by the user. Any sound that seems noteworthy to the headset is taken under consideration.

Developers have been keen on making the hardware and software integration collaborative in a manner which allows the simulation sickness to be eliminated through an intelligent design of the PSVR headset. Sony wishes to treat the people who are suffering from this illness this their patent.

However, the chart issued for the design of the headset seems to highlight that the player can only be warned of their bad situation than actually healing their pain. Still, many features of the headset are commendable enough and could be helpful in other areas.

Nonetheless, Sony would surely bring in improvements in the PSVR headset patent design and try to further facilitate the users. Maybe, as suggested before PlayStation VR could fit in best with the next-generation PlayStation console. VR gamers were also declared to increase at the start of the year by Sony. Perhaps, it would fit perfectly well with the PS5.

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