New PS4 UK Bundle Said to Include FIFA 15 and Minecraft

PlayStation 4 - Controller
Sony is planning to release a new PlayStation 4 bundle in UK that will include the console, and copies of FIFA 15 and Minecraft.

According to a report by MCV, the bundle will be priced similar to that of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 at £350. It’s unknown as to when this new bundle will hit shelves in UK. The Glacier White PlayStation 4 on the other hand will arrive on October 17 and is a stunning improvement over the regular black.

Sony has refused to comment on the report and we’ll just have to wait it out until the company’s PR division releases more details. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Will this new FIFA 15 and Minecraft bundle include a Glacier White PS4 console or the regular black version?

Is the bundle exclusive to UK or will it also be available in North America? In the event it is exclusive then is Sony planning on releasing a new bundle specifically for North America in the coming months?

Last month, it was confirmed that PlayStation 4 sales in UK had crossed one million in just 42 weeks. The PlayStation 2 took fifty weeks to reach the same figure, while the PlayStation 3 crossed one million in 46 weeks.

To add a cherry on top of that, Sony’s Fergal Gara said in statement that a significant number of PS4 owners were the Xbox 360 users, but now they have decided to move to Sony’s platform.

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