New PS4 Model Coming out in October, Says Amazon, Will Cost €400

Since Sony is not as vocal about their plans regarding the new PS4 model (or models), as Microsoft is about their Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, the only other option left for us it to turn to rumors and alleged leaks. So apparently PlayStation Neo or some other unknown PS4 model, could be releasing on October 2016!

Before we dig further, let us reiterate that this is just a rumor based on a third party source and not an official announcement. With that out of the way, let us proceed.

So a new product listing popped up on the Spanish variant of online retailing giant Amazon where they have listed a model of Sony’s console with a rather peculiar price: €400.

The said listing also provides a release date for the new PS4 model which is going to be on October 13.

However, there are issues with all this. For starters, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not said enough about either the PlayStation Neo or the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim for either one of them to have a release date as early as three months from now.

Other than that, the listing does not call the console with any other name than simply “PlayStation 4 – Console,” which, may have been treated as a deliberate move to keep the name hidden, does raise more questions since the listing also doesn’t have a picture.

The counter? This listing is from Sony.

So what exactly is going on? This could be a placeholder for a future listing for a new PS4 model, meaning everything listed right now is useless, or is could be a mistake someone made while something about the current PS4.

On the other hand, it could actually be a listing that has been leaked its time mistakenly.

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