New PS4 Controllers Are Coming To Europe Next Month

Europe will be getting two new PS4 controllers in four new colors next month, in July. The controllers, which will be available in four different colors, were announced on the European Playstation blog, and the Playstation TGS keynote, and will be colored Crystal, Steel Black, Gold, and Silver.

The Steel Black, Gold, and Silver controllers will be coming out in November (on November 6 specifically) while the Crystal controller will be following on December 3. However, there’s no release date for the new PS4 controllers worldwide. The release dates are only in Japan for now. The Gold and Silver controllers have also only been announced for Europe.

And that’s not all. In addition to the new PS4 controllers, Playstation 4 consoles will also be getting a brace of new faceplate colors starting in November. On November 6, nine different faceplate colors will be getting released, including gold, silver, red, yellow, purple, and pink. There are again, unfortunately, no inklings of a Western launch.

Each of the PS4 faceplates would be running at around 2,500 yen, which is, in American, around $20 dollars. A round wire headset will also be getting sold, and will run at around 12,000 yen: around $100 in American money.

Before this, Sony had also announced that the Playstation Vita would be getting a new faceplate in America, which will also be launching in November. This will be the Playstation’s first color option since the handheld console changed to the Slim version in 2014. The Vita option in question, an aqua blue color, will only be sold exclusively at GameStop.

Hopefully Sony will see that they could get a bit more money from American audiences if they release some of the new faceplates and controllers in America and Europe and will be releasing them soon, but if they don’t we’ll just have to pine for new colors from a distance.