New PS3 4.83 Update Released, Removes PS3Xploit Vulnerability

It seems like Sony is not going to leave PS3 anytime soon as the giant has released another update to prevent hacking. After almost a year, PS3 4.83 update has been released and according to Sony, it improves the stability of the console.

This new system software update is now available to download and it only requires 200 MB of space to install. The main function of the update reads “This system software update improves system performance”, according to the official update notes.

It’s been reported that this update removes PS3Xploit vulnerability just like the previous update last year. PS3Xploit is a hack tool which allows users to run pirated games with a custom Homebrew.

Sony will obviously not tell what’s really included and we will have to find it out ourselves to actually see what has changed. Keeping up with the latest news, it might have something to do with the recent PS4 name change feature.

In case you don’t know, Sony has now confirmed that they are finally going to allow PSN users to change their PSN ids and this might have something to do with it.

According to another theory, this might be something related to Blu-ray AACS keys similar to previous updates.

Till we are not sure, it’s definitely going to be a headache for the people who play pirated games on the console. Sony seems to be really tired of jailbreaks and recently sued a guy who was selling jailbroken PS4 consoles on eBay.

Sony caught that guy red-handed by purchasing consoles and found out that he was doing it for piracy purposes. He was also found encouraging people to buy free games instead of purchasing them officially.

It another news, rumors seem to be true about PS5. Sony has finally clearly mentioned PS5 for the very first time which hints us that the console is really in the works. Interestingly, Sony has also filed a new patent which hints at the possible backward compatibility support on PS5.

Another patent includes the addition of V-Sync in consoles for the first time and we can’t wait to hear more.

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